We bring you the best
Australian honey from our
home in Forbes, NSW.

Our pure Australian honey is sourced from our prime regions in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia and most famously our home in Forbes, NSW. These locations, known to beekeepers for decades, produce some of the richest and most moreish honey available.

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Super flora

Australia is home to some of the best honey-producing flora in the world. This native landscape makes our Superbee honey, super!

Super flowers

We source our honey from locations chosen for their unique and flavour-enhancing qualities. How bees make use of perennial and seasonal flora is what creates the diverse tasting notes across our range of honey.


Super trees

Manuka honey is sourced from New Zealand and prized around the world for its health benefits. Manuka is made when bees are co-located with the Leptospermum scoparium or ‘tea tree’.

Super honey

The bees and beekeepers we source from are in harmony - to ensure the best honey from hive to jar.

Super bees

We work with keepers who site their bees in warm, sunny locations out of harm’s way and close to the preferred local flora.

Super honeycomb

Honeycomb and royal jelly from the hive has been prized by civilisations for centuries for it’s miraculous qualities. They are two of our most popular products today.

Our range

Our bees are busy... and so are we, bringing you a taste of the sweet life.