We bring you the best Australian honey from our home in Forbes, NSW.

Where it started

What began with love of honey and fascination with bees, soon became a humble family honey factory.

Superbee was established in 1968 as a family’s humble honey business and is now Australia’s leading privately owned manufacturer of pure Australian honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis. Family is still as important as ever, and these days we’re lucky enough to share our heavenly honey with those who enjoy it as much as we do.

It started with a kitchen, some honey and a desire to share with Australia.

“We share this gift of honey with the world, as we share it with our family.

Cheryl — Co-owner, Superbee

Our history

For over 50 years we’ve been producers of some of the best, pure Australian honey available.

It all began in a small town behind the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

1968 – Origins

Superbee Honey Factory was founded in 1968 in Tanawha, Queensland. The marvel of pure Australian honey was first introduced to locals and tourists alike, onsite at the two-acre tourism facility.

1979 – Live bee shows

Live Bee Shows educate visitors about the importance of these tiny creatures and share mysterious secrets from within the beehive.

1987 – Beyond bee shows

Live Bee Shows become so popular in Tanawha on the Sunshine Coast that SUPERBEE expands shows to Currumbin, on the Gold Coast.

Honey is made for sharing - by bees and by people who love the sweet life.

“The colour, flavour and aroma of honey is unique and dependent on the regions where our bees have been busy.”

Ross — Co-owner, Superbee

1996 – Dream team

Tanawha joins forces with Budgerim (the home of ginger) to combine their famous produce and create the most sought after combination; Yellow Box honey and Budgerim ginger – ever popular today.

2005 – A growing family

Ross and Cheryl Christiansen welcome the Superbee family with open arms.

2008 – Hello Forbes

The Superbee honey factory relocates to its current home in Forbes, New South Wales. This region is where 40% of Australia’s honey is sourced. The move allows for smoother production times and lessens freight time between interstate hives.

2015 – Difficult climate

Climate conditions in Australia result in short supply, as major beekeepers struggle with production. Superbee honey is momentarily limited to a pre-existing customer base.

2019 – Crisis of climate

The worst drought in Australian history is affecting honey-producing regions in Western New South Wales and Queensland, the risk of honey shortages are looming.

Our process

Honey production is one part natural wonder, one part science. We love both equally.

You can witness honey being made at Australia’s only beeside attraction in Currumbin or let us do the work in Forbes and ship it to you within days.

  • Extract

    We work with local bee-keepers around the country to find, maintain and source the best Australian honey year-round. We work to extract the best of it together.

  • Filtering

    Next, we pass the warmed honey through screens, filtering out any wax and impurities.

  • Bottling

    Finally, our pressure wads secure the lids and we date each jar for freshness.

We still thrill every day to working closely with local bee-keepers.

What makes it super?

Finding the right location and bees comes first. How we select and bottle it is the next part of the equation.
For us honey is not just a sweet treat - but a way to experience the land we live on and the local flora.

Rich in antioxidants

Honey contains important antioxidants. These include organic acids and phenolic compounds such as flavonoids.